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Overview is the Modern & Easy to use Project Management Tool with build-in ready to use and customizable drag & drop SEO/SEM strategic templates and elements for all your SEO needs.

Your one-stop Tool for all your SEO Strategic planning, reliable outsourcing, budgeting and result tracking for all those people who realize SEO / SEM is part of your business strategy to success. SEOProject is for small and mid-sized companies who don't have the budget or simply do not want to hire expensive big agencies to do their SEO.

SEOProject's Vision & Mission
SEOProject’s mission is to elevate SEO/SEM as a serious strategic business tool for every company with a web presence and bring the topic of SEO/SEM into the board room.

We believe that Moz (former seoMoz) and various other well-known SEO companies took SEO from the dodgy trenches (so called blackhat) and elevated it to the surface (so called whitehat). However we believe that, there is where they stopped pushing the current progress of maturement of the SEO/SEM market. SEOProject’s mission is to push the market to mature further and bring it into every board room and be an intricate part of a business' strategic plan.

Every company with a serious online presence should include SEO/SEM in their core strategic planning in order to be successfull online and SEOProject is your software to do it with!

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